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Spanish eLearning Videos & Training for Attorneys

Spanish eLearning Videos & Training for Attorneys

Spanish eLearning Videos & Training for AttorneysSpanish eLearning Videos & Training for Attorneys

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Watch my free eLearning videos on YouTube to learn some Spanish language basics.  Then download the corresponding resources below to master the content therein.

Spanish Language eLearning Kits

Each purchase of the Teacher's Flair Spanish Language eLearning Kit includes a thematic video that is relevant to a particular area of law,  the innovative ConjuQuations™ (a unique writing exercise), and a Word Fare™ List so that you learn to read, speak, and write in Spanish with confidence from the start!


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Amber, Language Consultant

Amber earned her Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Literature from Mercer University (Georgia), her Juris Doctor from Arizona Summit Law School, and her Master of Laws (LLM) in International Law from Arizona State University. While obtaining her foreign language degree, Amber served as a college tutor in the language lab on her college campus and has traveled throughout Europe and Central America in order to achieve a higher level of fluency. She is very passionate about Spanish literacy; upon graduating from college, she served as an Adult Literacy Volunteer for one year for immigrants desiring to improve their English language skills. Before attending law school, she was a high school Spanish teacher and exclusive private tutor to private school students before extending her services to adults desiring to increase their job/career opportunities.  More recently, Amber has used her Spanish extensively while working in an immigration/criminal defense law firm with Spanish-speaking clients and as an account service specialist with a major multinational company; she passed the Uniform Bar Exam for 16 states.  She is passionate about creating digital products & resources to help legal professionals build their Spanish language skills with confidence in order to enhance their connections with Spanish-speaking clients.

Amber La Shay, Spanish Language Consultant

Amber's Mission

  • To provide you with high-quality, Spanish language eLearning resources and training.
  • To decrease your dependency on translators and/or translation software by helping you communicate directly with potential Spanish-speakers clients.
  • Help you satisfy the personal desire to learn Spanish in the context of law.

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