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Amber, Language Consultant


Amber earned her Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Literature from Mercer University (Georgia), her Juris Doctor from Arizona Summit Law School, and her Master of Laws (LLM) in International Law from Arizona State University. While obtaining her foreign language degree, Amber served as a college tutor in the language lab on her college campus and has traveled throughout Europe and Central America in order to achieve a higher level of fluency. She is so passionate about language literacy that, upon graduating from college, she served as an Adult Literacy Volunteer for one year for immigrants desiring to improve their English language skills. Before attending law school, she was a high school Spanish teacher and exclusive private tutor to private school students before extending her services to adults desiring to increase their job/career opportunities. Today, Amber continues to author and employ her own language training resources and methods in order to effectively empower her clients to achieve success in speaking Spanish with confidence.  Amber has passed the Uniform Bar Exam for many states and is awaiting admission to the Alabama State Bar.



(Content Varies)

1. Greetings/Review (5 minutes)

2. New Material (15 minutes)

· Learning tools & strategies include:

o Graphs/Photos

o Interrogatories/various verbal exercises

Amber's Mission


  • To provide high-quality, Spanish language coaching for you.
  • To decrease your dependency on translators and/or translation software by helping you communicate directly with Spanish speakers.
  • Help  satisfy the personal desire to learn Spanish for the purpose of business and pleasure.

Frequently asked questions


The Ideal Client

An attorney who often encounters opportunities to consult with and/or represent Spanish speakers, but lacks the ability to do so. This training is ideal for the attorney that desires to connect with the Spanish-speaking population in a professional and direct way. No previous experience with the language is required.

What can one expect during a typical training session?

An attorney can expect to gain more confidence in one's area of expertise. 

Where does the Spanish language training take place?

Sessions take place online. A link to the virtual classroom is emailed shortly before the scheduled session begins.  The virtual classroom works with Mac and Windows computers and requires you to have either Google Chrome (version 51.0 and later) or Mozilla Firefox (version 43 and later).  The classroom is browser based, so no software downloads are required!

Is the Spanish language training available to traditional students and/or others seeking improvement

Yes!  Oftentimes, Spanish is not spoken enough by students who are learning Spanish in a traditional high school/college setting, leaving such students with underdeveloped language skills. It is said, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” 

Are there any outside resources needed for use during the session?

Nope! As a client, you only need to bring a willingness to learn, the ability to exercise your vocal cords, and a positive attitude.

Learning a foreign language can be hard. How do you keep your clients motivated?

I like to encourage my clients to strive for success.  One of my favorite quotes is, "If you believe, you can achieve!"



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